Sailors of the Russian Pacific Fleet have stationed a fleet base on Wrangel Island on Wednesday, a spokesman for the Pacific Fleet said Wednesday. "Sailors of the Pacific Fleet, who arrived at the Arctic island on board the Marshal Gelovani ship for a hydrographic research, have raised a Russian naval flag on the island, which heralded stationing of a first ever fleet base on that territory," said Pacific Fleet spokesman, Captain First Rank Roman Martov.


The date, August 20, was deliberately chosen. The Russian naval base was stationed on the island 90 years after the state flag of the Soviet Union was hoisted on the island on August 20, 1924, which was an act of turning over the island under the jurisdiction of the USSR. Wrangel Island, which is approximately 7‘600 km2 in size, lies 140 kilometers north of Siberia and not far from Alaska. It is well known to be last place where Wolly mammoths used to live until 3’700 years ago.