Dr. Michael Wenger

Michael Wenger, born 1972 in Laufen, Switzerland, fell in love with the oceans during his stay in Australia. To this end, he studied biology with a major focus on marine biology at the University of Basel supervised by Prof. David Senn. He investigated the life of coral reef fish and thus earned his MSc. After a short visit in the corporate sector, Michael switched back to research and investigated the influence of pollution and pathogens on the health state of freshwater and marine fish. This way, he learned about the relativity of stress and earned himself a PhD title.

His compassion for the Polar Regions was awakened by Prof Senn who had worked together with PolarNEWS during his time. Not being able to conduct a trip to Antarctica, he sent Michael whom then got infected with the polar virus. 10 years and many voyages later, Michael still hasn’t recovered from the infection and spends a lot of time in the cold arears. However, his knowledge goes beyond the Earth’s freezer and he has worked and travelled in many countries. Since 2012, he entirely works for PolarNEWS and is responsible for the scientific aspects in PolarNEWS and also guides trips to the Arctic, Antarctic and Galapagos. This enables him to sparks people’s interests for these regions and the dangers they are facing.